Monday, November 3, 2008

80 Miles! I Can't Believe I Rode My Bike 80 Miles!!!

Well, we're getting close to the finish line...on Saturday the team rode out from Davidsonville, Maryland on a big 80 mile loop that took us all the way to the Chesapeake Bay and back. It was a crazy feeling to know you had 80 miles ahead of you when you start off in the morning, but it is also an amazing feeling to know that you've done it when you make it back to the car after 6 hours!

We had a great team meeting before we started out, as several people met extraordinary fundraising goals. I am humbled by their dedication to the cause and only hope that I can meet my goals and help find a cure for blood cancers, especially after hearing stories of friends and family suffering from the diseases as we ride along the beautiful fall roads. So please think about donating here to help people who really need our empathy and support. Otherwise, you can show up to our fundraiser on November 12th!

The ride went well, despite my sprained ankle. I am very glad I pushed through the ache and finished the ride, because for the first time I can really believe that I can finish the ride. It was quite a long ride with some interesting hills (interesting in a "lord that's a tall hill" kind of way):

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We had some great scenery along the way

And then there was the rest stop on the bay...little did we know it would be followed by a brutal hill....

But we made it! And next week it's 85 miles...then two weeks later the big ride at 109 Miles!

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