Monday, October 20, 2008

Metric Century Completed! (that's 100km or 62miles)

The rides are getting longer, the recovery more difficult, but I can see the goal in the distance!

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On Saturday we rode a beautiful ride that goes over 4 covered bridges and took us through the Gettysburg battlefield and through both Maryland and Pennsylvania!

Most of the team was there, and we all got started at 8:30am when it was a mere 42 degrees! Thanks to Maura, I didn't freeze, because she loaned me a windbreaker. And did I ever need the windbreaker! There were 20mph headwinds for at least 20 miles of this's never a good sign when you're pedaling as hard as you can on a flat stretch and you realize you're only going 9mph...

But it was all worth it because I did it with a great group of people, and saw some amazing scenery as we went. On those bad days, when all you want to do is ask the SAG support to just take you home, it's knowing I've got the support of my team and knowing that I'm doing it for a wonderful cause that makes it possible.

Here's some more pictures from this week's ride...I'll let them speak for themselves:
At the first SAG was still only in the 40s at this point

A house built in 1830

Doug and I in front of one of the covered bridges

Gettysburg Battlefield Park

Erika on the Road

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